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Our mission, to serve and strengthen our entrepreneurial community, is broad and bold. How should we narrow down and prioritize that work? We welcome your input on these initial areas of activity.

Angel Academy

Angel groups in our area have invested around $25 million in startups just in the last three years. Now we want to expand awareness of angel investing to more, and more diverse, investors through an angel investor academy training course starting October 2023.


Regional Coordination

The Greater Charlottesville has many different groups, activities and resources that help startups through grants, mentoring, networking and more. Venture Central is working with the key people to identify what else we need and can accomplish through careful planning.


Connecting Founders & Funders

We are fortunate to have two active angel groups in our area. But how do Charlottesville startups connect with them, and even go father to raise funds from venture capital investors? We are working to build connections in our area and bridges to funding across Virginia and beyond.

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